High School Scholarships FAQ


**What do I write in the "ID" box on the top right corner of my application?
Please leave this blank. It is for office use.

**I don't have a color printer. Does the paperwork need to be printed in color?
No. Black and white is completely fine.

**I didn't take the SAT/ACT test. What should I put in that section? 
Please leave it blank. Our sponsors will be informed about the lack of availability of the tests this year, as well as the changing rules regarding their requirement for college admission.

**Can I drop off my application at SHS or the District Office?
No, applications must be mailed/delivered to the SCAF Office (List#1) or mailed to the specific donor (List#2). The school district will not accept your application.

**Do I need to include a separate community college transcript?
If your running start classes are included on your high school transcript, you do not need to provide anything else. If they are not included, you will need to provide a separate transcript or documentation.

**Can I mail my application from the UPS Store or other mail provider?
You can, but keep in mind that most "other" mail providers still have to take the mail to the Post Office to have it processed and post marked. Most locations will have an earlier cutoff time for mail to be postmarked that day. Check with the store to make sure your application will be sent when you need it to.

**How many recommendation letters can I put in?
We require one letter, but you can include as many as you would like.

**The person providing me my reference emailed it to me and it's not signed. Is that ok?
If you have time, it's best to ask them to provide you a signed letter, but we will still accept it if it is not.

**There are several pages of List#1 that I've left blank because I don't qualify for any of those scholarships. Should I still include them in my packet?
We actually prefer that you send all the pages, even if they are blank, so that we know you didn't leave them out accidentally.

**My application won't save or print.
Make sure you have actually "downloaded" the document to your device (click the icon in the top right hand corner that looks like an arrow pointing down with a line under it). Our PDFs will not save/print from the web itself and must be downloaded first.

**What do I write on the envelope if I am dropping my application off at SCAF?
Please write "SCAF Scholarship Application" on the outside of the envelope.

**How much will it cost to mail?
Actual cost will depend on how many references and other paperwork you include. Plan to pay $1.50-$2.00 for each envelope you send. The Post Office will need to weigh them to find out your cost.

**I need help filling out my application or knowing what to apply for.
The Counseling Office at your school is a great resource, or you can contact Natalie at SCAF and she would be glad to help!

**I got a scholarship, but my plans changed and I'm not going to go to school this fall.
Your certificate envelope from scholarship night includes a claim form as well as an extension form. If you are not going to use your funds right away in the Fall, we will hold your money for up to 2 years, but you MUST fill out the extension form and keep us informed about your plans.

**I missed the deadline for turning in my claim form. Did I lose my scholarship?
Not yet. You should have received a text/email/phone call/letter from Natalie in the SCAF Office. Respond immediately and get your claim/extension form to her ASAP. If you wait too long, you will receive a letter giving you a final deadline to turn in your paperwork. After that date, your scholarship will be rescinded and you can no longer claim it.

**I am withdrawing from my school to go somewhere else. Do I need to let someone know?
Your school will return any unused funds to SCAF. Please contact us as soon as possible to let us know if there's somewhere else we need to send the funds or if you need us to hold them for a period of time.

**Who decides the winner of each scholarship?
Most scholarship recipients are chosen by the sponsor themselves. SCAF also has a scholarship selection committee that determines that chooses several of the scholarship winners based on the parameters set by those scholarship sponsors.

**I can't find my claim form. What should I do?
You can download a new claim form or extension form here.