Leave a Legacy

The Value of Giving

When giving is planned, thoughtful and purposeful, it can be an opportunity to embark on a personal journey, learn more about the community, create a lasting legacy and pass on one’s values to future generations. And it can be a source of tremendous personal satisfaction.

We Help Our Donors Give Back to the Community.

The Stanwood-Camano Area Foundation (SCAF) is a tax-exempt public charity created BY and FOR the people living in the Stanwood-Camano area. The Foundation serves the residents of the community – helping them meet their philanthropic goals through funding programs that benefit the community.

One of the distinguishing characteristic of a Community Foundation is that it encourages donors to make gifts to ‘endowment’ funds – funds providing a ‘perpetual source of income’. The Foundation provides stewardship for, and disburses the earnings from, those endowment funds.

By establishing, or adding to a fund with us, you will know your gifts are in good hands. The Foundation can assist you in identifying where your gift will best benefit the community.

The result is a lasting legacy that addresses the needs of today and the challenges of tomorrow, establishes a tradition of philanthropy, and ensures that your fund will develop community capital to improve the quality of life now and well into the future.

Options for Giving: How to Create a Fund

Decide WHEN to give. You can create your fund now, establish it in your will, or create it through a trust arrangement that benefits your family as well as charity.

You may give in memory of a loved one or to commemorate a special event or cause.

Funding can be made all at once, or through a series of pledges. Many donors ask that family and friends forgo gifts for birthdays and holidays, and suggest that donations be made in their names. You can have as much, or as little interaction with the Foundation as you like.

Decide WHAT to give. Almost any asset can be used to start your fund, including cash, securities, life insurance, retirement assets, or life insurance. We encourage you to give as generously as you can, but be assured that any and all gifts are appreciated. Your contribution reflects your pride in our community.

If you have appreciated securities in your portfolio, you can maximize your tax savings by contributing those that have grown in value in the long-term. You’ll receive an immediate tax deduction for their full fair-market value and avoid capital gains tax.

Contact your professional financial advisor for help. The advisor can make sure you receive the maximum tax and legal advantages allowed for your gift.

Select the TYPE of fund. Working with the Foundation, you will be joining a community of givers who are pooling their resources for greater impact. In order to best meet the charitable goals of our donors, we offer a variety of funds:

COMMUNITY FUNDS, are flexible and responsive to emerging and changing community needs, putting your money to work where it is needed most. Donations to the Community Fund do not require any ongoing involvement once a fund is started. Focusing on the needs of the Stanwood-Camano community, these funds create a stable and lasting resource that supports effective local nonprofits in all economic climates.

AREA-OF-INTEREST FUNDS support causes of particular interest to donors, such as arts and culture, health, education, environment, youth and senior services and historical preservation. These funds provide the flexibility to support multiple organizations with a common mission. Donors may create a lasting legacy by supporting a chosen area of interest in perpetuity.

DESIGNATED FUNDS provide direct funding to a particular organization or group of organizations according to the formula or schedule you determine. In the event that a specific organization ceases to exist, funds will be redirected to organizations with a similar mission.

SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS are designated to benefit students in their educational pursuits. Scholarships can be personalized to target certain institutions, students in a specific field of study, or with particular needs. Scholarship Funds are a thoughtful way to establish a permanent legacy in memory of a loved one, to honor family members, or provide educational incentives for future community leaders.